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From WCPO: Big change coming to Ohio drivers’ licenses

Come July, 2018 you will no longer be able to renew or replace your license at your local BMV and get a new license that day. New changes to become compliant with federal guidelines will now require you to still head to your local BMV to get your eye test and pose for that amazing picture but now you won’t receive the actual ID on the spot. Instead you will have wait two weeks for your new ID to be delivered through the mail. Thus making a trip to the BMV even more enjoyable……..

So how does this effect our closings? A valid ID is required at closing in order to sign documents and have your signature notarized. Lenders and Realtors, check with your buyers and sellers to make sure their license are not expired. Gone will be the days of just running out and renewing. As we all know, waiting 10 days for a closing is a huge problem when it comes to contracts and rate locks, so avoid this deal killer and inform your clients!

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– David Kennedy

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