What is a Mortgage Rate Lock?

  So you’re shopping for a home and need a loan. One thing your lender might discuss is a rate lock. So what exactly is a rate lock? A mortgage rate lock is an agreement between a borrower and a lender that allows the borrower to lock in the interest rate...

What is a Loan to Value Ratio?

So you’re getting ready to buy a your dream home but you need a loan. You start doing a little research and your head starts to spin. You hear terms like loan-to-value ratios and PMI and wonder what the heck does this all mean? It’s really not as confusing...

Real Estate Investment Tips

From Five Reasons Why Your Real Estate Investments Aren’t Earning You Money Often times when I tell people I work in the Real Estate industry, and specifically talk about our dedicated investor team that is setup to assist investors with their...

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