So you’re getting ready to buy or sell a house? Did you know fraudsters from around the world are trying to hijack real estate transactions in our area and are attempting to steal your money?

Watch this video above and follow these 4 tips to help protect yourself against wire fraud.

  • Tip #1: Call, don’t e-mail:
    Confirm all wire instructions by phone. Call Fidelity Land Title directly from the phone number listed on our website with your wire instructions in hand to confirm with a member of our staff before sending your wire. If you get an e-mail or call about our wire instructions changing this is fraud. Do not respond to the e-mail or call the number listed in this e-mail.
  • Tip #2: Be suspicious.
    The likelihood of our wire instructions changing are slim to none. If you get notified about a change this is major red flag. Our wire instructions will only be delivered to you in the manner which we will describe to you and NOT via e-mail.
  • Tip #3: Confirm everything
    When you go to the bank with our wire instructions ask the banker to confirm our routing, account title, and account number before sending the wire.
  • Tip #4: Verify
    After sending the wire call us to confirm receipt. Have your wire instructions available to confirm with our staff.

  • If for some reason you believe that you have been a victim of cyber crime, time is of the essence. Immediately do the following things:

  • Step #1: Immediately get in touch with your bank and ask them to recall the wire:
  • Step #2: Report the crime to the Internet Crime Complain Center at
  • Tip #3: Call your local FBI Field office. Cincinnati area 513-421-4310

  • Bottom line is this: Real Estate wire fraud is happening in our area. If you have any suspicion take the extra step and call us.

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