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Fidelity App

Fidelity Land Title Agency of Cincinnati, Inc. is pleased to provide you with our very own app to help you separate yourself from other realtors and lenders out there. This tool will let you instantly generate buyer net sheets, seller net sheets, PreHUDs and more all from your smartphone, tablet or PC. You will be able to brand these professional looking estimates with you name and contact info and send them to clients or prospective clients with a few clicks on your smart phone.

Mortgage Calculator with Closing Costs Included
Allow your Realtors to specify how much their clients are going to pay every month, as well as define upfront the amount they're due to pay at closing.

Seller Net Sheet
Enable your Realtors to provide their sellers with an estimate of how much they're going to actually net when selling the house.

Title Quote / GFE / Preliminary-HUD
Allow Lenders to quickly pull your closing costs so that they can use the exact numbers in their estimates.

Click this picture below to get started. If the link does not work copy and paste this url:

Fidelity App


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